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nature blues

Youth evisioning a world which works for entire humanity

Inspired form Sir Richard Buckminster Fuller's dream


Art & Literature

Artwork, Poems, Stories, Videos and Music Inspired from Nature

Represented by a monkey and Feng Shui color yellow, this website will kindle your creative energy and merge your soul with nature's. Awaken your force by experiencing projects from Art, Film, Music, Poetry and Literature.

Technology & Innovation

Gadgets, Products and Visionary Ideas Inspired from Nature

Represented by a parrot in Feng Shui color green, this website determines future of humanity through technology. It curates projects which are designed synergistically in Art, Architecture, Sports, Utility, Mobility and Defense.

Built Environment

Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape and Urban Planning Inspired from Nature

Represented by a snake in Feng Shui color purple, this website presents latest building projects and practices which have a unit-to-whole relationship inspired from nature. Architecture, Interior, Landscape and Community and Urban Design are covered.

Policy & Regulation

Latest News, Policies, Projects and Resources on Conserving Nature

Represented by an elephant in Feng Shui color gray, this website is the place to find national and local policies of all countries in the sectors of Energy, Water, Health, Urban Development, Wildlife, Forestry and Agriculture.

Global Contest

Artists, Architects, Poets, Writers, Researchers and Visionaries of All Age, Color and Region.

Represented by Feng Shui color red, this event is an annual festival where  gripping ideas- inspired from Fuller's Synergy and Nature- are invited from all dimensions of humanity.


All initiatives are outcome of hundreds of hours of research and publication. Advertisers, donors, sponsors and investors are invited to support these initiatives. Corporations as well as individuals may contribute. Please feel free to discuss more.

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